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I TRULY believe in the Kalahari Mustard Bath Salts -- for detoxification, invigoration, relaxation, pain relief, and even for accelerating the healing process overall. I have used the Salts many times personally over this past year, and I have also recommended them quite often to dozens of patients and clients. I rate the Kalahari Bath Salts as clearly THE BEST in the product line of salt formulations with which I have worked, during many years as an Integral Medicine Practitioner. Great quality and integrity of product, manufacturer, and -- of course -- distributor. All the best for your wellness!

EnRico Melson, MD, MPH, FACPM, ABIHM, DAARM, MBE, KSJ; Founder, Integral Medicine Institute

Whenever I travel I make sure that I bring Kalahari Mustard Bath salts. With a hectic schedule, I can count on it to calm and revitalize me. Having researched many natural products I trust this company’s high standards for pure and organic ingredients. Kalahari Mustard Bath is a must in my travel bag!

Elaine Wilkes, PhD, N.C., Nutritionist

As a runner, soreness due to lactic acid buildup in the legs is a normal part of training and racing. It is not enjoyed, just endured. I have tried many different things to try and eliminate it as much as possible. However, I have found one remedy that works better than all the others--the Kalahari Mustard Bath. After completing my first marathon, I had been told by all of my veteran running friends to expect extreme soreness for for several days. Based on my previous experience in long training runs, I knew this would be true especially when increasing my speed in a race situation. I had been told about the Kalahari Mustard Bath and thought this would be a true test of the validity of the claims. And it was. Simply added to hot bath water, I used the soak daily for several days and was absolutely amazed at the results! My soreness was drastically reduced in severity as well as length. It is truly an amazing product that I will highly recommend to all of my running and other friends.

Cindi Blackwood

The Kalahari Mustard Bath Salts are simply the most exquisite bath product I have ever used. It offers a rare luxurious experience of feeling wrapped in an angel's lap and caressed by the velvety soft, color-filled water and a heavenly scent. If that is not enough, the magic salts also work on many of the body systems. I used it while down with an oppressive and persistent flu-like cold, which was relieved immediately after the 20 minute bath. The salt properties gently draw out toxins, while replenishing the body with vital minerals it needs! The amazing soothing, cleansing and softening effects on the skin are impossible to describe. They can only be experienced.

Nick Blagoev, Creative Artist, Author, Philanthropist

I love the Kalahari Mustard Bath, it leaves my husband and I invigorated, recharged, and the smell is earthy, rare and natural (I am very picky about smells). It is like an oil bath that does not leave the usual oily mess in the tub. The only issue I have with it is that my husband likes it so much that he puts a double spoonful in every time!

Alexandra Cabri

The Kalahari Mustard Bath Salts are the best bath salts I have ever tried...and I have used many different bath salts. I could feel the difference immediately; not only did they help detoxify me but they helped with my circulation and relieved tension. I felt relaxed and warm after a bath with the salts. I have had some joint concerns and I feel the salts are great for that. I highly recommend this product!

Barbara Petrie, Intuitive Counseling & Healing

Since I have been using the Kalahari Mustard Bath Salts, my muscles in my back relaxed and I have less pain. I suffer with a curvature in my spine, and I had 2 ruptured discs in my low back surgically treated. The salts have improved my spine and muscles.

Dr. Emily Oliver

The first time I used the Kalahari Mustard Bath I had no idea what to expect. I filled my tub and sprinkled a little Kalahari Mustard Bath in the water. I slipped in and gently floated away in the soft water enriched with healing spices. Even the aroma had a calming effect on me. I felt my body begin to perspire, I was being cleansed inside and out. I kept reheating the tub, I never wanted to leave. I now take a Kalahari Mustard Bath when ever possible.

Karen Mangini, Fitness & Fashion expert

One afternoon, I was very tired, and decided to take a Kalahari Mustard Bath...Well, something interesting happened...I had an 'awakening' time in the bath!!! Crying of bliss, my heart was in a very deep compassionate state (to tell it all ..for my ex husband :). I thought the Kalahari Mustard Bath was for relaxing and detox, but I think it does a little bit more. Kalahari Mustard Bath Salt cleanses from physical to spiritual - obviously!!!!! I had the most deep bath experience of my life!!! Wow, what a bath!!!!

Khaya Sellam, Intuitive Healer

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